My name is Valentina. With over a decade of experience as Operations Manager with a family owned manufacturing business, not only do I understand the personalization of business financials, but I truly enjoy guiding businesses in taking control of their finances and benefiting monetarily from the results. I believe every client has a right to know how profitable their business is and how profitable it can be, and not stress or take time away from their business endeavors. My passion lies in adding much more value than just accounting software. Bench-marking (making sure my clients business finances are within their industry norms and staying financially competitive) and profit planning/consulting are the reason I love doing what I do. 

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my partner, Steve, our two dogs, and our friends and family. As Southern California natives, we enjoy making the most of our weekends whether it be a scenic afternoon drive, a quick trip to the mountains, a day in San Diego, a long walk with our dogs, or a backyard barbecue. 


If you think the simple keep is a good fit for your business or if you have a question, message me for a free consultation. 

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